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Why Bank with Us

What makes Springfield State Bank different from other banks?

Locally Owned, Locally Operated – The Only One!

Springfield State Bank is the only bank in Washington County that is owned and operated by local shareholders who live and work in the Washington County area. What does that mean to you?


It means that our financial products and services are specially tailored to meet the needs and interests of our customers, instead of being mandated from some megabank in another state. It means that every decision we make, is made with the customer’s best interest at heart. Our directors and staff are always eager to hear your input, and are easily accessible! And finally, it means that decisions are made right here, in Springfield. So if you need a loan, we can customize it to meet your individual needs, and have it approved before most banks can even ask permission!

Investing in Your Community

Because Springfield State Bank is locally owned, the money you invest here goes right back into the local community in the form of loans and other financial services to help our community grow. Springfield State Bank has several branch locations in Washington County – Downtown Springfield, Willisburg and Bardstown Road – to support the growth of our entire community.


It sure is nice to know that in these times of fast computers and high technology, there is still a bank that knows you by name. Any bank can offer you a checkbook and a monthly statement, but the locally owned Springfield State Bank is interested in its most valuable asset – you, the customer. At Springfield State Bank you’ll always be greeted with a friendly smile and fast, accurate service from our well-trained, experienced staff.


Because we devise our own fees and policies, you’ll find Springfield State Bank to offer a great value in our products and services. Check out our checking accounts, for example. You will also find our other fees, such as stop payment fees, overdraft fees, research, etc., to be pleasantly low.

Since 1910

Chartered in 1910, and still going strong, Springfield State Bank is a tried and true independent, community bank. We strive to remain independent so we may deliver the superior quality of service you deserve. If you have any questions about Springfield State Bank, please complete our secure online form!