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How to Balance Your Checkbook

In order to balance your checkbook, you will need to always keep a record of the checks you write on your account, as well as your debit card transactions. Most people do this by writing them in a check register, which you should receive with any normal check order. Additional registers are available free of charge from the bank.

Each month, Springfield State Bank will send you a ‘bank statement’ of your account. The statement is our record of all activity that occurred with your checking account, including checks written, deposits, ATM withdrawals, debit card purchases, bill pay and fees, etc. Along with this statement you will receive images of the checks and deposits that have processed through your account.

Using this statement, and your checkbook, use the following steps to balance your checkbook.

Steps of Balancing

Step 1

In your check register, make a checkmark beside each check listed on your bank statement. In addition, also mark all ATM or other debit card transactions, and all deposits.

Step 2

Record in your check register any transactions listed on your bank statement that were not already recorded in your register. This may include ATM or debit transactions that you forgot to write down, automatic payments, internet billpay activity, bank fees, etc.

Step 3

The back of your bank’s statement will have a form – or you can print this one below for your convenience. Use this form to reconcile your checking account.